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How to get to our studio space

Public transport or other means of transport. 

Public Transport

Our preferred way of travelling.

To get to Castello di Valsolda by public transport you will take a train to Lugano station and then continue from there by bus, bicycle, or boat*.

*Only Saturdays and only during the summer time.



to Lugano station

Lugano is easily reachable by train from basically everywhere in Europe. Click on the icon to search for your connection.



from Lugano station

Take the C12 bus to get from Lugano to San Mamete. From San Mamete it is a 20min steep walk up to Castello.

Click on the icon to research the timetable.



from Lugano station

From Lugano to Castello it is a lovely 10km bike ride. The route takes you down to Lugano, up to Gandria, down to Oria, and finally up to Castello.

Click on the icon for route information.

Other means

There are also other ways to get to us.

Depending on where you come from or how much you will need to transport, one of these options might be better suited for you.




The car will take you directly to us. Click on the icon for route information starting from Dogana di Gandria. The directions stop at the turn-off, from where you will need to call us.

Or take the "bicycle route" from above if you have near to none luggage.



to Lugano station

There are several coach options to get to Lugano. Once in Lugano you will need to continue as described above.

Click on the icon to research possible connections.



to Milano Malpensa

There multiple plane connections going into Milano Malpensa airport. Once there continue as described under public transport or rent a car.

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